Mechanical Quetz

General properties

  • Mechanical general properties; Cant be knocked out, only obtainable by killing a Mechanical creature and obtaining an Unassembled version and crafting it. Won’t drop any eggs. Does not allow mounted weaponry. Can’t use a saddle. Can’t mate. Built-in level counter. Don’t use Food,  Torpidity, Oxygen, Water, Temperature, or Craft speed attributes. Can be ridden. Wild creatures have a chance of dropping a random unassembled creature that you can craft to obtain a tamed creature.
  • When wild creature have <= 15% health, it’ll go into rage mode, dealing double damage.
  • Can level speed and fly backward.
  • Immune to Mek projectile explosion damage.

Stats and attacks



Base stats/damage

Health 6000
Stamina 4000
Weight 4000
Speed 100%
LMB – Regular Bite Regular attack. Base damage 160
LMB – Regular Grab Regular grab.
C – Laser Laser projectiles that deal explosion(72) and direct damage(140).



See the spawnlocations.


Cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ARKBionic/Dinos/Mech/Quetz/AMechQuetz_Character_BP.AMechQuetz_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120
Cheat SpawnActorTamed "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ARKBionic/Dinos/Mech/Quetz/AMechQuetz_Character_BP.AMechQuetz_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120


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